Bi-Neurovascular Symposium


Dear colleagues and friends,

Since its founding in 2016, Bi-Neurovascular Symposium (BNS) has endeavored to expand and
enrich our knowledge in many aspects of neurovascular treatment by hosting series of monthly
meetings and annual conferences. After setting the official language to English, we were able to
exchange valuable experiences with physicians from different parts of the world, especially from
the Asian-Pacific region. This year, BNS was formally recognized as an international organization
in Korea and we are excited to further contribute in this field.

It is my great honor to welcome you to the 6th BNS Conference set to be held this year in Busan,
Korea from September 23rd to the 25th. Under this year’s theme of “Review the old and learn the
new,” we aim to assist physicians in obtaining new knowledge and staying on top of current
trends while still incorporating the original style that has proven to be effective. You will be able
to participate in distinguished lectures by globally renowned speakers to jointly explore the past
and the future of neurovascular treatment. The event will also offer an opportunity to build a
network of peers with a diverse range of experience and to engage in dynamic discussions.

I am certain that all participants will have the most enjoyable and valuable experience at the 6th
BNS Conference 2022. We look forward to welcoming you at the beautiful harbor city of Busan!
Sincere regards,

Yong-Sam Shin, MD, PhD
President, Bi-Neurovascular Symposium (BNS) Foundation
Professor, Department of Neurosurgery
Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea

This is Chul Hoon Chang, the president of KoNES (Korean Neuroendovascular Society).

It is my great pleasure to invite all of you to the 6th Bi-Neurovascular Symposium(BNS) to be held from September 23rd to 25th at Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO) in Busan, Korea.

Through the past years, it is without doubt that we have made big progress and contributed to the clinical performance and research activities by sharing our experiences and up-to-date knowledge with world-renowned international physicians and audiences in the Neurovascular field.
In particularly, this BNS 2022 is the first year to be promoted officially to an international symposium in cooperation with KoNES. Therefore, we expect that this BNS 2022 will be the place that brings marvelous result through the well organized and efficiency operation with the cooperation.

I all look forward to seeing you in beautiful port city Busan in September 2022.
Thank you.

Chul Hoon Chang, MD
President, Korean Neuroendovascular Society
Director/Professor, Department of Neurosurgery Yeungnam University in Korea
Director, Stroke Center in Yeungnam University Medical Center